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Bitcoin IRA Unveils Investment Returns Calculator

The company launches its new calculator. It has ability to determine potential returns of investment compared to other firms. It can also give the users risk and benefits.

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BRICS Signs Investment Project On Mining Sector

There were five countries who signed the Memorandum Of Understanding on Sunday. The BRICS group aim to develop The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit for its purpose of developing the Kluchevskoye gold deposit located in the Chita region of Russia in Eastern Siberia.

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US Investment Banking Returns To Spotlight

The banking investments in U.S. have made a come back. Their patience is now rewarded. JP Morgan and Citi standout this third-quarter.

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Analysis on S&P 500 Sectors: Quant Stats, Optimal Weights, and Opportunities

Quant gurus has expressed their anaylis over the S&P 500 sectors. Quant stats are highlighted with its apects on optimal weights and opportunities. They stressed out that though they are experts of the fields, it is good to understand a well-diversified portfolio. They said that quant models are cannot replace human decision-making.

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Apple Invests $1B To China's Uber; Takes a Board Seat

Apple, in its investment to Didi and its interest to the auto industry was serious for it invest a huge amount which cost $1B. Rumors spread that Apple focuses on manufacturing cars.Upon the investment made Apple has now a slot on the seat of the board.

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Pentagon Uses War Fund as Sluch Fund!

Pentagon got the highest fund ever in the history. Its fund is intended to purchase F-35 . It will be utilized for the ongoing combat operations. The cost related with these enduring requirements is in the range of $30 billion annually.

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Brent Improves After Russia Announces Output Deal

The Russian president expressed his support to OPEC. He announced that Russia is ready to join it. OPEC urged other non-members to give their commitments.

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Fund Investors & Bull Market Faces Test For the Rest of the Year

Gary Fullam, the investment adviser of Global Investment said that though U.S. stocks had risen its gain, still it is not a reason to celebrate. Firms are still threaten of the bull market.

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US Stocks & Sectors Rise, Energy & Apple Moves Higher

U.S. stocks rise its gain. It leap up so high and while other stocks plungeto the lowest blow. Apple takes over Samsung, as it suffers from production for the replacement of the recalled unit. Other firms are enjoying its net as it rise up to a certain degree.

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Duke to Sell Brazil at $1.2B; 3 Gorges as the Buyers

Duke Energy Corp., an electric power holding company which aims to focus on its regulated power business, decided to sell its Brazilian assets to China's Three Gorges Corp. – a state-owned power company for $1.2 billion.

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Putin, Erdogan Supports Gas Pipeline

The two statesmen had signed the agreement on the said "Turkish Stream" project. The project is about building a gas pipeile from the Black Sea to Turkey. This will be then distributed to European Union nations.

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