Firm Management

Integrating Flow Charts Effectively into Your Business Planning

This article dives deep into integrating flow charts into your business planning for clarity, efficiency, and success.

Secret Costs Behind Maritime Shipping Containerization

The shipping industry of the 2020s is no less dangerous than it was many decades ago prior to the invention of the shipping container. Some might argue that the shipping container has made life aboard..

Mark Lyttleton: Steps to Structuring a Funding Pitch

Mark Lyttleton is an angel investor and business mentor with more than 30 years of experience investing in both private and public markets. This article will explore the various funding routes open to..

Cluster Networks Is Giving You Another Reason to Look Forward to Friday

You have enough personnel to offer each customer a personal experience. You thought of everything. You're ready for this - until. Your POS terminal just froze, and despite your efforts, you have no id..

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5 Ways to Cut Expenses with Process Automation
Business process automation is a necessary process to be considered. It is more than a fad and is significant on purpose. It is a simple and cost-effective technique to optimize your business ideas an
Finding The Right Employment Law Firm
Today, finding the right employment law firm means looking at the various experts out there. What should you look out for primarily, though? What matters most when you want to hire a professional toda
5 Benefits Of Using Activity Monitoring Software For Your Business
Activity monitoring software, or AMS, collects data on what your employees are doing while they're at work, including where they're spending their time and how often they access certain files or appli
5 Must-Know Tips for New Landlords
Deciding to rent out your home can be difficult at first. You may be out of doing it because you think it is too much effort. There are some truths to the rental nightmares that you've no doubt read a
Taking the Real Estate Industry to the Next Level is Kevin Jay Sengson Cruz, The Owner of Kinetic Real Estate.
His limitless determination and passion to build the real estate industry has taken him to towering heights of success.
Rudy Kusuma: Providing Realtors (and Clients) With the Means to Succeed
Real estate extraordinaire Rudy Kusuma, CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty in California, began his career under the most humble of standards, cold-calling and knocking on doors. After getting hi
Incredible Entrepreneur Donovan J. Greening Excels At Writing Digital Marketing Algorithms.
He is the head honcho of Greening Corporation, which thrives on the latest digital marketing solutions, focusing on law firms.
The Law Firm of the Future. Will Big Firms Survive?
The year 2020 has seen unprecedented events in Canada and the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly impacted society, forcing a worldwide economic slowdown. Law firms big and small have been deal
Payroll Software Is A Blessing In Disguise For HRs: Here's How
HRs are responsible for a lot many operations rather than just hiring the talent.
4 ways to make your business look more professional
When a customer decides who will get their business, one of the factors that will play a big part in their decision is professionalism. You may have the best products and offer competitive prices, but
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