JPMorgan Chase Gives Gloomy Outlook, Says 99% of Americans Will Be Worse off Financially in 2024 Than Pre-Pandemic

JPMorgan Chase claims that 99% of Americans have already exhausted the excess savings they accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon Removes Venmo as Payment Method, Causing PayPal Shares to Drop

Amazon has informed its users that it will stop accepting Venmo as a payment method starting January 10...

Trading on Terror? Israel Investigates Claims Some Traders Knew Hamas' Attack Plan and Profited off It

Authorities in Israel are currently investigating unusual trading activities that occurred just days before the October 7 Hamas attack...

Nurp: Unleashing Financial Growth Through a Unique Lifestyle Philosophy

A trailblazer in the domain of financial growth and independence, Nurp has evolved into a philosophy shaping a distinctive way of life. Conceived by Jeff Sekinger, Nurp embodies the ethos of breaking ..

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JPMorgan advises investors to vote against the splitting proposal
JPMorgan Chase has advised its shareholders to vote against the proposal to split up the bank. The bank warned its shareholders that the breakup proposal will not benefit its investors.
Ashoka Buildcon Staged a Sharp Recovery After 20% Plunge in Stock Market
One of India's largest highway and road developers prepared to recover after a massive loss in Wednesday. The company's stock slumped following the raid of tax officials.
Wall Street Fell on Thursday As Fear of Global Slowdown is Lurking
Plunge of indexes brings the market to negative territory. Financial sectors led the plunge over fear of global financial slowdown.
Regulators Aim To Govern Fintech To Protect Billion Dollar Market Opportunity
Financial tech and its $147 billion potential market opportunity required financial regulators to supervise the industry. In 2015, investments in the fintech sector doubled, reaching $14 billion.
Alibaba’s Alipay Will Launch European Expansion This Summer
Alipay is working on a plan to launch services in Europe this summer. The service will make it easier Chinese tourists to make transactions with European merchants using the app.
Angola Seeks IMF Help as Oil Price Hit The Economy
The second largest oil producer in Africa will start negotiate with IMF next week for a bailout program. Continuous drop of oil price hit Angola economy after years of prosperity from oil production.
Valeant Stocks Continue to Rally in Two Days After Comment from Bill Ackman
Bill Ackman made nearly nearly $170 million in one day in a Valeant two-day rally. His comment on Valeant Pharmaceutical showed his capability as a remarkable hedge fund manager.
Goldman Sachs-backed CompareAsiaGroup gets new CEO Sam Allen
Goldman Sachs-backed consumer finance startup CompareAsiaGroup got its new CEO Sam Allen. In 2015, CompareAsiaGroup closed a Series A round of funding led by Goldman Sachs and is planning to go for a
Draft of EU Anti-Tax Evasion Law is Under Pressure after Panama Leaks
Advocacy groups heavily criticized the draft as it allows company to hide their activities. Meanwhile, Iceland Prime Minister has resigned following protest over Panama leaks.
Societe Generale says it obeys all rules fighting tax evasion and fraud
Societe Generale said that it stood by all the rules of its operating nations. The bank confirmed that it no longer detained any establishments in the process in the Non-Cooperative Countries and Terr
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