Goldman Sachs Appoints Hess CEO as New Independent Member of the Board of Directors

Goldman Sachs has appointed John B. Hess, CEO of Hess Corporation, to its Board of Directors as an independent member.

Donald Trump's Net Worth Plunges $475 Million as Trump Media Shares Continue to Slide

Former President Donald Trump's net worth fell by about $475 million as shares of Trump Media & Technology Group continued their downward trend...

After Vladimir Putin Meets Xi Jinping, Russia and China Establish Payment Alternatives to Evade US Sanctions for Now

Russia's President Vladimir Putin's visit to China last month reportedly secured alternative payment methods for the two nations...

Donald Trump Says Business Leaders Should Be '100% Behind' Him or Face Termination

Former President Donald Trump reportedly left a less than favorable impression among prominent American CEOs who attended the Business Roundtable's quarterly meeting...

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Goldman Sachs, Barclays Reportedly Compete to Acquire General Motors' Credit Card Business
Goldman Sachs and Barclays are reportedly vying to acquire General Motors' credit card business.
US Regulators Take Hold of Troubled Lender Republic First and Agree to Sell It to Fulton Bank
US regulators have taken hold of Republic First Bancorp and arranged to sell it to Fulton Bank.
UK Cybersecurity Company Sold to US Private Equity For $5.3 Billion Due To Being 'Undervalued' in LSEG
Cambridge-based cybersecurity firm Darktrace has accepted a $5.3 billion acquisition offer from US private equity giant Thoma Bravo, a 44% premium over its recent share price.
Unleashing the Power of AI: Discussing the Impact of AI-Based Business Strategies with Ashwaq AlMudhaf
Running a successful business is like riding a rollercoaster. There are so many variables to take care of that make doing business a wild ride. That's why thriving in the business world means adapting
UK Satellite Engineering Company Signs $19.7 Million Deal With SpaceX for Starlink Constellations
Filtronic Plc and SpaceX announced a groundbreaking agreement. In a $19.7 million deal, Filtronic will supply crucial modules for SpaceX's Starlink constellations, while SpaceX will be granted the opt
Token Growth Studio TDeFi CEO Judges Next Crypto Unicorn at PBW's 'Meet the Drapers'
TDeFi: $10 million prize pool at Paris Blockchain Week's 'Meet the Drapers'
Bitcoin Mining Companies to Invest in AI After Drop in Revenues
Bitcoin miners are adapting to reduced revenues post-halving by investing in innovative solutions, while some are also exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence.
What Empower Finance's Acquisition of Petal Means for Cardholders
Empower Finance acquires Petal, merging strengths for cardholders. Potential access to Empower's financial tools may come with subscription fees.
Trump Media Provides Short-Selling Prevention Tips Following DJT Stock Price Decline
After a 63% decrease in DJT's share value, Trump Media has advised shareholders on protecting their stocks from short selling, with detailed instructions now available on their FAQ page.
Tech Giants Gear Up for Earnings Showdown; Investors Await if AI Strategies Turned Into Profits
Tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia, are up for earnings showdown season, with Generative AI taking center stage as companies aim to translate AI investments into tangible profits.
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