Microsoft announces latest update and HoloLens tour

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Oct 13, 2015 10:14 PM EDT

Microsoft announces that the company will start its US tour for the HoloLens starting this October. The HoloLens which was first introduced to the audience back in January this year saw users will have the ability to incorporate hologram with the real world unlike the virtual reality program.

According to Microsoft, the team will tour around 11 states to showcase the product and audience will also be given access to its development team according to PC Magazine. However, the event is only reserved for limited seats hence, developers are encouraged by the company to book their seat for the event.

As reported by Tech Times, the company spokesperson told reporters that the aim of the demo is to "Offer developers the opportunity to get a first-hand demo of Microsoft HoloLens and meet a member of our development team to learn more about creating holographic experiences." The company is also hoping that the event will inspire developers to create a content for the HoloLens after understanding its framework.

The company is still focusing on improving the infrastructure of the mixed reality headset before it is being released for the public. ABC News reported that the capabilities of the headset are endless as demonstrated by Microsoft. Among the uses demonstrated is for NASA usage to experience exploring the surface of Mars and using the headset for product designing process.

Currently, the company Windows developer is the main developer for the devices and it is expecting for more developers to join the bandwagon after the tour. Microsoft said that getting enough developers into the program is crucial before it is being released to the public. This is to ensure that there will be enough program running on the device.

As for now, there are few programs developed by Windows that run on the device. This includes a video game codename "Project X-Ray" which enable users to battle out each other in a holographic world while in their living room.

According to Microsoft, the device will be sold at $3,000 for developers. The developer's edition is designed for developers to play around with the technology and improve it. However, all developers will only receive the device by the first quarter of 2016.

Microsoft also said that the company is planning to bring down the price tag further down for normal users when it will hit the market soon. Although it is still unclear when the product will be sold to the public. Seats for the upcoming Misrosoft HoloLens event can be booked through the company's official website.

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