Latest Mac OS, The El Capitan is here

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Oct 02, 2015 02:18 AM EDT

Just a few weeks after releasing the latest iOS update the iOS 9, Apple released an upgrade to the latest Mac operating system, the OS X El Capitan. The latest upgrade contains many new feature that users have been waiting for including an important security update since cyber-attack is on the rise lately.

Wired reported that the latest upgrade is important for Apple to integrate their computer and mobile operating system. Since the majority of Apple users are using the iPhone as their data hub, the latest Mac OS is designed to give the user an almost the same feel as their iPhone. This includes the application and data synchronization. Apple said the latest OS will help the developer to build a program easily on both mobile and computer platform.

According to TechCrunch, the most notable feature users will realize after upgrading is the use of the San Francisco font. The font is used on all other Apple's devices and this tweak shows that Apple is trying to integrate all of its operating systems. Besides font, the Mission Control also has been updated making it more user-friendly including enabling a split screen view on Mac.

The latest OS also comes with an updated Safari and Map. The latest map contains the transit direction similar as Google's map. However, currently only users from New York City and London will be able to utilize the feature. The OS also now support third-party editing tools for Photos as users have been requesting for the feature a lot.

Although the latest operating system contains important security update, Forbes reported that there is still a vulnerability in the system. The flaw was pointed out by Synack Head of Research, Patrick Wardle. He told Forbes that the Apple Gatekeeper system which is supposed to prevent any hack entry from the internet can be easily bypass by putting a false app for users to download.  

Another loophole found by researchers from two universities found that the Mac OS X Keychain can be attacked to give hackers access to users important data such as the iCloud and Facebook. The iCloud leaks have been the focus point by the media lately as more unethical hackers leaking inappropriate celebrities' picture from the iCloud. Both vulnerabilities are still on the new Mac OS X El Capitan as reported by the researchers.

The El Capitan is the latest update after last year's Yosemite and it is available for free to download via the App store. The OS size is only 6GB and can be installed quickly and currently there is no bug reported by users yet.

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