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‘Warcraft’ movie: Official trailer to be released in November; Will it live up to expectations?

October 1
8:51 AM 2015

A month ago, a low-res, watermarked trailer of the 'Warcraft' movie was leaked online, and that sent the internet into a frenzy as fans see hope that it will actually be the first good video game movie adaptation. Director Duncan Jones has announced that the official trailer will come out in high definition this November.

According to Day Herald, the leaked 'Warcraft' trailer suggested that Orcs will figure heavily in the movie. The visual effects, even though it was low-res, seems promising, and looks fitting to the action-packed sequences. Both visually appealing magic and exciting brawls are expected from the 'Warcraft' movie adaptation. Director Duncan Jones WETA is involved and therefore, you should also expect some practical-looking armor along with impressive effects.

As reported by Game Spot, 'Warcraft' director Duncan Jones has expressed his desire to "just show the real thing" when the leak happened, but maintained that they will release the HD trailer in November. 'Warcraft', which will be finally released June 2016, could potentially an epic movie, and a hyper-real look may just do the visual trick.

According to CrossMap, Jones is also confident in the quality and the money-making abilities of the 'Warcraft' film. Contrary to the rumor that is deemed a "problem movie", Legendary Pictures has enough confidence to pit 'Warcraft' against Jurassic World 2 on its opening. Fans are also expectant, since Jones is one of few directors who asked for the opinion of a game's fanbase before adapting it.

The 'Warcraft' movie is one of 18 game to movie adaptations. The film's plot revolves around the start of the Alliance and Horde factions, and the narrative will center on orcs and humans in the First War. The 'Warcraft' movie will hopefully break the history of panned and unfulfilling film adaptations of beloved video games.

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