Mobile apps are more utilized than TV

By MoneyTimes

Sep 16, 2015 03:23 AM EDT

Mobile apps give a lot of benefits in more ways than one. You will never miss out on your favorite show or favorite basketball or football game because you can now watch it just by using your phone. 

Americans now spend more time using their mobile apps to watch videos and shows compared to TV.  They spend almost 200 minutes a day using the mobile apps and do not yet include minutes of browsing.

According to Flurry, Yahoo's digital analytics service, the number steadily accelerated over the last two years where consumers spent 126 minutes in apps in 2013 and about 139 minutes in 2014.

Coincidentally, Apple announced plans of refocusing it exertion on TV services informing mobile users of a new remote with a built-in glass touch surface and a Siri button that enables users to search just by using their voice.

Flurry's gathered data comes at the brink of the new Apple TV launching.  At the Apple's event on Wednesday, CEO Tim Cook said the television experience has been stationary while mobile innovation becomes successful.  The CEO's response is a simple vision: "We believe the future of television is apps. In fact, this transition has already begun." With the Apple TV's new OS supporting apps and an App Store for third-party apps, users can stream content from Netflix as well as to shop and play games.

According to a report from Malaysian Digest, mobiles users began paying for the content.  Games before dominated mobiles, but are now replaced by apps including Netflix, HBO Now and Spotify to name a few.  With the increase in sales from in-app purchases, old media companies could "move its content to apps and stream it over-the-top, charge consumers for it through the App Stores, and still make money from ads," the report concludes.

People enjoy more using their mobile apps because of the different features it provides. They prefer to watch videos with their apps as they never want to sign up for expensive TV packages packed with channels they don't want or have the time to watch as reported by TechCrunch.

The report also looked into consumer's increasing demand for content in app format and if they are willing to pay. This is a trend that could urge custom media companies to shift their content to apps and stream it over-the-top.

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