Apple TV Shows Promise, but It Still Doesn't Change the Way People Watch TV

By MoneyTimes

Sep 12, 2015 01:26 AM EDT

Apple launched the new Apple TV during its big product even in San Francisco Wednesday, showing a lot of promise with the Siri remote; but critics believe it still hasn't "cracked the code" in ultimately changing the way people watch TV.

According to Mashable's Lance Ulanoff, Apple TV will not change the way people watch television, because it had already changed. Most people no longer follow networks' schedules and more are connected to the apps that cable and broadcast network create instead of what the cable companies provide. He said the new Apple TV looks like the old hardware. It is app driven and, with the Siri remote, it is more user-directed. It is transformed into a hub of activity that brings together information, entertainment, data, and of course, content.

Meanwhile, according to Geoffrey A. Fowler from The Wall Street Journal, Apple TV hasn't cracked Steve Jobs' vision for reinventing the TV. Geoffrey said the $150 Apple TV has the same downside as other Internet-streaming boxes and services have: it doesn't give users access to all the video they really want to watch. Also, it still makes users pay for monthly cable subscription. One radical change it brings to the table is how the average American buys entertainment with the TV, using the apps. If the Apple TV app store has the same open path process that the iPhone has, it is in a better position than the other companies, said Fowler.

The new Apple TV is based on iOS and will feature other apps like Netflix, HBO on Demand, Star Wars, and Guitar Hero games. It will also have eCommerce from apps like Airbnb and Gilt.

"Apple TV overcomes some of the frustrations we have with traditional TVs and cable boxes. Live channels force you to tune into shows according to their schedule," said Fowler. "In a Web world where you expect instant access to the good stuff, this old model makes less and less sense. Apple TV, following in the footsteps of Roku and Google's Chromecast, replaces channels with apps."

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