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'Warcraft' official movie trailer will be out in November; Duncan Jones hinted a sequel film

September 16
8:31 AM 2015

Back in 2006, the "Warcraft" movie announcement has gained many rumors and speculations all over social media. Even with Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Picture's so much cautiousness, the movie is still developing unofficial exposures throughout the internet.

Recently, an alleged "Warcraft" movie trailer has leaked which made the audiences confuse but more eager to look forward into the upcoming film. The coarse-grained trailer featured how humans and Orc met. Though, director Duncan Jones has recently disclosed that the film will begin on how the two conflicting forces met. And so, an article on the Youth Health Mag indicated that the movie trailer leak is not the official and real trailer yet.

Director Duncan Jones commented about the "Warcraft" movie trailer leak on Twitter. His tweet seemed to tell that there might be even more things to watch out for the official video. It was also mentioned that the official release for the footage is on November.

And while fans become over hysterical with the hit RPG movie adaptation, a possible trilogy was hinted by director Duncan Jones in so much ahead of the premiere of the first film. In an article on the Franchise Herald, Duncan is certain that the "World of Warcraft" has a lot more to show and one movie is not enough to do so, thus he is optimistic that more films will follow.

Crossmap stated that "Warcraft" is having a post-production currently working on the CGI effects. When it comes to the effects Duncan revealed that the film used complicated special effects. And according to him, it will take a longer time to fully finish the movie. He also assured that fans will be impressed with the effects.

Daniel Wu was also complimented by Jones with regards to his portrayal of the Orcs' leader, Gul'dan, "Daniel has definitely put his own stamp on the character... and that is how it should be. You don't hire great actors to crush their individuality by forcing them into a mould you have in mind!" he declared.

Holding their stance amidst a circulating leak, Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment will continue to torment fans until that specific day in November when an official trailer will be released for the public. Now, all they have to do is to patiently wait.

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