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'The Martian' movie received remarkable reviews in premiere; Matt Damon hinted his survival struggle as Mark Watney

September 15
6:21 AM 2015

Lately, some movies are intriguing people's interest especially the movie critics. As the Toronto Film Festival advances, these movies are already struggling for the Oscar awards later this year. The upcoming movie, "The Martian," which is directed by the award-winning director and producer Ridley Scott, is gaining various positive comments after the movie premiere in Toronto.

In an article on the Christian Science Monitor, movie critics wrote some compliments and appraisals about "The Martian" as the movie was screened. Matt Damon's character, the lead character astronaut, received palpable reactions. The movie itself did not fail the expectations of the audiences. Also, it was said that the movie can be an inspiration to the future astronauts and audiences will surely love the movie.

During an interview with FOX411, Matt Damon revealed that the production seek for some professional advice from NASA the whole time. He, then, shared his experiences as he struggled for survival in the alienated place without expert training. "This proposition of, alright, could the right guy, if he was really highly trained, survive on Mars for an extended period of time? And so starting from that proposition [author Weir] kind of let the science completely dictate the story," he said.

Damon also said that every same person would do what his role has done in the film if they were in his shoes. "And everything that Mark does is exactly what you would have to do, kind of step by step, if you were going to survive. So yeah we needed it to be heavily based and researched."

The movie producer Aditya Sood was the first one to notice Andy Weir's novel, according to his interview in Arstechnica. He also admitted that "The Martian" was one of the warmest and funniest books he has ever read, reiterating the part that science fiction books lack those qualities nowadays. Then, this led to the movie adaptation of one of Andy Weir's best-selling novels.

"The Martian" film was all about Mark Watney's (Matt Damon) survival struggles as he got stranded in the planet Mars after his crew presumed that he was dead and they left him behind. Many well-known actors, including Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean, Michael Peña, and Donald Glover co-star the film.

Expectations for Ridley Scott's sci-fi survival film "The Martian" is highly elevated as the premiere received a lot of commendations. The film also promises mere entertainment with an angle combination of confidence, wit, and humor. It will be out on October 2, 2015.

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