Introducing Intel’s Skylake processor

By MoneyTimes

Sep 03, 2015 02:48 AM EDT

Intel mentioned that the chips will be compatible for most devices including tablets and gaming PCs. According to the company, the new processor is by far their fastest. Skylake is so fast, it can start up a Windows 10 PC four times faster than regular.

It performs twice as better and consumes one-third the battery life than past laptops.

According to Intel, their newest addition to their processors are maximized to work best for Windows 10 PCs and are supposed to provide user with better computing and general experiences. The chips can also be used from small compute sticks to wide-screen desktops.

Vice president and general manager of Intel's notebook products group told Venturebeat that these processors are the best by far. They will be used for their upcoming laptop-tablet hybrids, mobile workstations and gaming desktops. Around 300 laptops are in the making and 500 plus desktop designs.

Devices running on these processors will be introduced in the US by October and released in Asia this month.

Laptops that come with these chips are lighter and thinner compared to older versions and batteries can last up to a day.

Skylake microprocessors can help support improvements for 4K imagery. Intel will also introduce their RealSense 3D camera for image scanning and gaming. This latest technology is said to allow a user to log in into a computer by face recognition.

In the future months, Intel will release its Iris Graphics chip and more than 48 processors.

Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights and Strategy, said that Skylake's launch will bring back the sales of PCs. He added that although the chip is designed for wide range of devices, he sees the greatest success in fanless notebooks. These notebooks will perform like a PC with multitasking capabilities but will be as thin and as much battery life of a tablet.

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