Keep calm: Intelligent Energy can make iPhone batteries last for a week

September 2
8:45 PM 2015

Hydrogen fuel cell maker claims it can make an iPhone 6 battery life last for a week.

Intelligent Energy which is a British hydrogen fuel cell maker and a green energy company said it's not theoretical, far-off dream and claimed to have built a battery that definitely fits an iPhone6 and requires no charging of up to seven days.

The company replaced the battery that Apple is currently using to its iPhone6 and replaced it with an Intelligent Energy fuel cell of the same size.  The only modifications needed were the addition of vents that will allow the escape of water vapor.

The battery which was first reported by the Telegraph could solve one of the biggest issues for smartphones users:  Anxiety over the incessant need to charge up.

There is also even a name for the constant fear of a phone running out of battery or if the phone is about to die - nomophobia.

Intelligent Energy is said to have discussions with Apple about a possible joint venture.  According to a Bloomberg interview, Intelligent Energy Finance Director Mark Lawson-Stratam declined to discuss any timeline for mass production or possible partners. 

But he acknowledged that the company is getting "closer" to being able to launch the product to the public.

The current iteration of Intelligent Energy's hardware is said to refuel the hydrogen cell via the headphone jack, however, there is no information on whether or not the jack remains usable for other purposes.  It does not replace the existing lithium-ion battery but supplements it.

Intelligent Energy wants to license its technology and not to produce kits wholesale meaning that a phone manufacturer such as Apple would need to take a substantial up-front cost and integrate the technology into a new handset run. 

By doing this, would mean the device should be tested  in a number of scenarios to make sure that the fuel cell will not be damaged or the vents don't become obstructed when the phone is kept into various pockets or purses.

And the company will have to do this without the alteration in the shape or size of the device, confirmed by an Intelligent Energy spokeswoman to 

The only difference would be the vents that will emit water vapor which is the one byproduct of a fuel cell.  The "refueling" of the cell is being done through an "adapted" headphone jack.

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