World of Warcraft Legion Release Date Still Unsure; New Game Feature and Heroes Revealed

By Staff Writer

Sep 02, 2015 12:27 PM EDT

World of Warcraft Legion is the newest upcoming installment to the series that Blizzard made rather extremely popular to this day. With this said expansion making its way to the mass soon, the real question is, how long or hopefully short must the fans wait before they can get their hands on it?

It was reported by Gotta Be Mobile that World of Warcraft Legion was a center of attraction during the Gamescom event which took place in Cologne, Germany. With a whole diversity of features, veteran players and even those who look to play the game for the first time are in for a treat that will be more than satisfactory for this massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

According to IGN, the previous installments of the World of Warcraft franchise may be the key elements to the success of this upcoming title. World of Warcraft Legion is basically the future of the series for now-but the fans of course, are to decide whether this is as strongly correct.

As delivered by PC Advisor, if Blizzard is to follow their calendars in terms of the consistent release of games, there is a big chance that World of Warcraft Legion will hit the stores by fall of next year. Any announcements before then is still probable, but the developers would most likely try to catch up to the lost subscriptions that it has failed to acquire since January.

Feature-wise, World of Warcraft Legion now has the ceiling level of 110. Another interesting feature that was disclosed is the Demon Hunter hero class-these entities give spectral sight, insane mobility and metamorphosis advantages. Along with them is a new area named The Broke Isles, as well as the customizable weapons known as Artifacts.

World of Warcraft may take a little bit longer, and fans are to keep their fingers crossed for perhaps an earlier release date or a concrete announcement. As of now, the closest that fans are to withhold would be the fact that the game may be released around November of 2016.

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