Twitter launches Music on Vine for iOS and Android to help you discover and create music

By MoneyTimes

Aug 29, 2015 08:33 AM EDT

Twitter announced Thursday Music on Vine designed for iOS and Android that would make it easier for users to discover and create their own music through the short-form video sharing app.

Vine writes in its blog that music is an important part of its culture since it started. Now they are bringing the users closer to the music they love, with its new release that lets users discover and create music using Vine.

Users can now explore a new section called Featured Tracks, where they can add their favorite songs to their feeds. Users can also see track info by tapping a music note icon that Vines recently installed.

Twitter said they will work with labels, artists, and publishers, to license songs for Vine as Featured Tracks. Another important new app is the Snap to Beat feature that allows users to make music loops easier. Turning it off allows users to add a song or sound to their Vine.

Adding these new features is a very logical step for Vine. Most of the popular vines are based on what's trending during the week. These new features will make it easier for its newer and younger users to find and create music they want.

Legalities are also handled well by Vines to avoid legal hang-ups from artists who don't want their tracks remixed endlessly in a loop. This will also eradicate the need for a third party video app, like Dubsmash, to appear on Vines.

Twitter definitely wants more artists to go to Vines to share their work. Artists who use Vines as their stage bring their talents to more audiences beyond the app. According to Twitter, "Artists use Vine to make music together, and they extend their collaborations beyond Vine, forming bands, releasing remixes and playing together in person."

Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 for $30 million. Now, Vine has 200 million active users per month. Vine is an app that lets users share six-second-long video clips.

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