Dropbox latest update: Cloud storage service provider now lets you drag and drop URLs with files

By MoneyTimes

Aug 23, 2015 07:24 AM EDT

Dropbox syncs files, photos, videos, and music, Microsoft Office, or Adobe files into folders that can be viewed online wherever you are. This week, the company has decided to take it a notch higher.

As a follow up to their U2F Security Key support, Dropbox has announced that their 300 million users can finally enjoy adding URLS alongside files and view it from anywhere they are, with any device they're accessing Dropbox from. This feature allows users to multi-share information organizing data sharing, thus making tasks easier.

This means that bookmarks can finally be taken anywhere instead of it sitting on a single browser or a computer back at home or back at the office. It also allows its users to organize the shared or stored information into the Dropbox format so it's in one place.

This new support feature is perfect for anyone who is using or processing two or three different sources of information at the same time. Say for example, an agency launching an event. One team uses Word files while the other uses the company's wiki. You can now incorporate two sources of information into one folder because of this new feature.   

Students can also benefit to this new feature with their academic papers that needed citations or for future references when writing a new paper.

However, according to VentureBeat.com, Dropbox really isn't doing anything new here. They're just trying to invade the bookmarks space. The problem is this feature does not actually import your bookmarks to Dropbox. With hardcore users who already bookmarked their favorite or important URLs somewhere, transitioning into this new Dropbox feature would be a hassle because really, who has time to create a new list?

But even so, this new feature further benefits its users.  It's not a big feature, but it's definitely a useful one because users no longer have to jam URLs into the message box or upload a PDF-format webpage.  Plus it does not store or cache any files so that's a bonus.

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