Doom Latest Update: Bethesda announces new game features for Decade-Long franchise; 1080p and 60fps goal set

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Aug 18, 2015 11:02 AM EDT

Doom has been a well-renowned game of gore and hardcore shooting mayhem since the very first expansion back in 1993. As many years have already passed, the newest expansion of Doom aims to strengthen the franchise with only the best improvements. The developers, indeed, have not held back on the said commitment.

A recent report by IGN stated that since the game has made multiple expansions throughout the entirety of its gaming career, the Doom expansions have been compared one after the other. With the existing one seemingly to be the most worked on so far, the question of whether it is identical to the first one has been summoned. Marty Stratton said that it is not really much a question of the existing one being like the first or any one of the older patches, but more on being the game, labeled as a "Doom" game.  

In terms of features, the latest Doom game will ultimately feel a lot more realistic and practical. There will be no regenerative health, as explained by Mr. Stratton. He also added that the game will primarily be based on movement, obliging players to evade projectiles, enemy attacks and engage into a more calculated combat. He said that movement will come more into play, and renewable health is not necessarily a big point to consider if the gamers must literally be elusive to survive.

With the next-generation consoles setting a staple in terms of in-game visuals and resolution, Doom has certainly put their backs into obtaining the best talked-about stats as of the moment. Stratton was quoted from a recent report by Forbes,

"We've always been at the forefront of saying we want our games to run as fast as possible at the highest resolution possible, Stratton said. "So for us, that goal is 1080p and 60 FPS. Along with that goal, the mantra of our technology team is that we want to be the best-looking game out there at 60 FPS and 1080p. So you draw that line in the sand." He further justified that Doom is of course, best played when such factors are already obtained.

Doom, as delivered by vg247, is currently attempting to be in league with the high-end games of the upcoming next-generation consoles. With no less than the efforts that Bethesda has put into the upcoming expansion, Doom may just pull off the best version it has ever made.

As all these facts are absolutely tempting, fans have to stay patient, as the scheduled release of the latest expansion under the Doom series will be on the first half of 2016.

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