Elder Scrolls 6 Release Dubbed Unlikely According to Bethesda; Fans To Let Go of Elder Scrolls Expectations

By Staff Writer

Aug 14, 2015 10:17 AM EDT

Expecting fans of the Bethesda game Elder Scrolls 6 may be pushed to their limit in terms of disappointment. Recent news on the supposed upcoming game may lead to the loss of the said fans, and Bethesda may just give a heads up as late as it already is.

As great as the pandemonium of expectation that Fallout 4 may be causing, fans of the Elder Scrolls series are very much interested on the next possible franchise that is Elder Scrolls 6. According to Digital Trends, a straight forward approach for the fans is generally to not expect an expansion for the Elder Scrolls franchise. As painful as it is negative, this may be the future of the franchise, simply put.

Recently reported by Christian Today, Pete Hines, the Vice President for Marketing at Bethesda, said during the previously held Gamescom that there are no new points to look out for as far as a new Elder Scrolls 6 is concerned. In a vague and honest way stated by Hines, the rumored Elder Scrolls 6 game may, and possibly will take a very long time before it could spawn, let alone be worked on.

The already existing Elder Scrolls Online is seemingly the last resort for fans as of the moment, as many have agreed upon. As recently delivered by Gospel Herald, only rumors of the Elder Scrolls 6 has been going around for fans to address. The trend of online gaming and expanding the patch through downloadable content is highly popular as of late, an Elder Scrolls 6 installment may be drifting farther away from not happening, than the other way around. Apparently, game developers seem to find the said approach more practical, thus releasing more through the seasons.

Game Director of Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls V Todd Howard said that the game may still come out, but as of the moment, it is not a priority. Safe to assume, Elder Scrolls 6 may come out after about 3 years from now.

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