Rise of the Fallen Titan: Nokia plans for a return to mobile

By MoneyTimes

Aug 11, 2015 02:33 AM EDT

Nokia was once a giant when it came to mobile phones. But that giant has fallen amidst the rush of newer and more advanced smartphones and tablets, eventually selling some of its assets to Microsoft. 

Yet in the middle of the year, the giant thinks about coming back to the mobile business. Nokia's head Rajeev Suri reveals plans to come back now with a smartphone and is confident enough to go along popular brands that have already been doing well in the mobile phone arena.

Reuters reported that Nokia is once again hiring employees with the goal to get back into the mobile world. The company in California is posting job positions for Android engineers because it is planning to completely utilize Google's operating system.

It can be recently recalled that Nokia recently ventured into the tablet business with their N1, which was only released in China and Taiwan. Tech people were also intrigued with the fake announcement that the N1 will be available to the UK soon but were quickly disappointed. Nokia also revealed a new product - the OZO - a virtual reality camera soon to be available in the last quarter of this year.

This time around, Nokia will not be making the phones themselves but will be designing them, Rajeev Suri confirmed in an interview with Manager Magazin. Nokia will be collaborating with phone manufacturers and will "make the brand name on the license available". The strategy may not be that profitable but it would be safer for them to let another company take the risks in manufacturing.

The return of Nokia may be delayed though because of a non-compete clause that came with Microsoft's purchase of the business. Nokia cannot return into the phone business until the end of 2016. As soon as the restriction is over, it appears that Nokia will be back into the race.

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