McDonald's pulls off another trick: Table service in U.S. and U.K. outlets

By MoneyTimes

Aug 10, 2015 11:09 AM EDT

McDonald's is reinventing its dining service in one of its restaurants in England and other areas of America. They're providing tablets and kiosk for taking orders, and the meal will be served to customers' table.

"We are testing some new concepts, such as table service, whereby customers place their order via our new digital kiosks and then have their food brought to them," Paul Pomroy, the managing director of McDonald's UK said in a report by the Irish Examiner.

The table service will be modified to its 50 restaurants in the U.S. and one in England,  said CNN Money.

Hearing the customers' reaction and meeting their demands, McDonald's is creating a new environment for the restaurant. Pomroy estimates a total cost of £350M for 250 restaurants that will be renovated this year, along with investing on glass storefronts, Samsung tablets, iPads and digital kiosks.

However, the director said the prices of its meals will still remain the same in spite of the revamp and there will still be counter service for customers who will take their orders out.

They observed that it's hard for parents to carry their orders with kids around, so they come up with the table service idea. Here, customers will set their orders either through the kiosks or with the staff holding the tablet and the meal will be handed out to them.

Initially, McDonald's carried out the trial in Australia, Germany, France and Switzerland. And by now, they are testing the table service in one restaurant in the U.K. to be followed by 12 restaurants in the coming months.

In a news from Yahoo, McDonald's is now offering lettuce buns in some restaurants in Australia and will be extended to 2,000 U.S. locations. Moreover, McDonald's also ventured in an all-day breakfast apart from nine of its restaurants that started to serve kale on their breakfast bowls in Southern California.

Considering all the makeover, it appears that McDonald's is finally responding to recent decline of its profit exerting efforts to conform the evolving taste of customers.

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