Not all cities are created equal: Here are the best places to retire abroad

By MoneyTimes

Jul 29, 2015 05:52 AM EDT

Retirees planning on settling overseas often consider costs of living as their deciding factor. Aside from the coveted seaside views, friendly English-speaking community and safety, investment is also a factor to contemplate on.

Kathleen Peddicord, a publisher who has been making annual comparisons of cities worldwide for 30 years has released Live and Invest Overseas' top choices for the best retirement cities in 2015.

Algarve, Portugal tops the list as the most accomodating city for foreigners. The list cited the country's residency program aimed at establishing foreign retirees' stability that could eventually grant them permanent residency.

It also emphasizes that this European country's A-rate real estate is open for ownership to foreign nationals. Following the list of most welcoming cities are Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Cayo, Belize and Languedoc France for the top five.

Peddicord also addresses the needs of single female retirees. She acknowledges that the needs of female retirees who are single are different. 

For those looking for a more active retirement place, Alamos in Mexico tops the list. The report qualifies Alamos by its English-speaking community, proximity of business establishments to each other, active social life, women's safety, exciting cultural experience and more community involvement opportunities. 

Live and Invest Overseas also suggests the most ideal places for individuals who wish to broaden their portfolio before or during retirement. Abruzzo, Italy tops the list in the investment category, with its seaside and mountain views comparable to Tuscany and Umbria. 

According to the report, a small village house in this area costs as low as US$50,000. Included in the wise investment list are Istria, Croatia; Valleta, Malta and Algarve, Portugal as the top five cities.

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