Xshot Deluxe Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote - Click When Ready

By MoneyTimes

Jul 20, 2015 07:42 AM EDT

Xshot Deluxe has finally came up with what the selfie fans have been dreaming of. A shutter remote control for the perfect shot!

Instagram better get ready with more artfully convened selfies full of emotion with the new Xshot Deluxe with Bluetooth Remote. Selfie fans now have all the time in the world to contemplate on the perfect smile, duck face or nonchalance poses without the camera timer. A selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote control has changed the entire selfie game.  Xshot's tiny Bluetooth remote control is mounted at the handle of the stick. It's detachable and can be placed at a wrist strap included in the stick. The remote control is powered by a button lithium cell battery. It's compatible to both Android and Apple gadgets that fits its phone clip expanding up to 3.5 inches.  This new Xshot selfie stick comes in more improved features.

Deluxe Selfie Stick with Remote kit comes in six neon variants in fully anodized aluminum built. This light and compact version fits a medium sized purse with length that extends up to 31 inches and closes to 8 inches.  Despite not having locks in between extension lengths, the stick stays in place at any length. The selfie fans definitely love this product and welcome such innovations. However, there have been reports that selfie lovers are actually not aware how to use the selfie stick.

The Daily Mail scoured through Instagram to catch bloggers and people in general misusing the stick. The report mentions that this rampant mishandling of the device is frequently seen in the Philippines and China. However, much of its examples show bloggers from Australia posting a selfie where the stick is visible in the shot. The report says that the correct usage of the selfie stick should produce a shot that doesn't include the stick itself. Apparently, this is the "selfie stick rule."

Just like the internet, the selfie stick is evolving and getting more fans and actual users over time; from Bluetooth remote control to generating some new "rules."  People definitely love the remote control it's just not determined yet if they will like the new "selfie stick rule."

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