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Dragon Age: Inquisition' Story-Based DLC Details Leaked in Online Survey; Iron Bull's People, Qunari Army Missions, and More

June 30
9:59 AM 2015

Exciting juicy details on the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition story-based DLC have been spilled in a reported survey that was leaked online just recently. According to this latest reveal, this new expansion follows the tale after the closing of the breach and enables inquisitors to discover Iron Bull's people but there's more. 

This purported leak emerged on a BioWare forum where the survey makes mention of the player's Inquisitor encountering the Qunari army including a new optional gameplay mode and a chance to to also explore the Fade. 

The said survey reads, "Having saved the world of Thedas by closing the Breach, your next mission will determine the future of the Inquisition. Your mark suddenly glows, erupting with magic connected to the Fade. Assassins attack in shadow. An invasion of enemies begins. Win a race against time to face a great evil before it is too late. In this story-based expansion, playable after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will embark on a last adventure with your team to confront the one who started it all."

Additionally, the game leaves a major cliffhanger where a lead character disappears after the showdown with Corypheus. This opens up an opportunity to get to the Fade which could provide answers to the missing character's past and where he can be found. 

BioWare hasn't made announcement of a new story-based DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition succeeding the title's first Jaws of Hakkon DLC release last month to PS4 after the timed exclusivity launch deal with Microsoft back in March. 

However, the developer's Creative Director Mike Laidlaw has revealed previously via his official Twitter account that a new story-based DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition is in fact under way.

"The past three days have been filled with that weird intensity that makes game dev kind of addictive. It's a rush when things come together," tweets Laidlaw. He adding saying that Bioware is "not quite done with story content for DAI just yet"  when asked by a fan regarding progress on Mass Effect 4 game.

Laidlaw has not provided additional details but for fans of Dragon Age: Origin's Hero of Ferelden, it's quite a bad news since he was crystal clear in saying that  that the protagonist will no longer make a return in what could be the final Dragon Age Inquisition story-based DLC.

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