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Prometheus 2 Plot Spoilers: Film script complete; 2 new species of xenomorphs to be introduced, Earth setting not true?

June 27
5:00 AM 2015

Prometheus 2 is underway as the film's script is confirmed to have been completed. The film will not be set on earth, but might feature two new alien species that are related to xenomorphs.

'Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth' was the previously reported working title of the movie leading the movie's fans to  assume that the movie will be set on earth. But this information is said to be false, as the movie's title will not be 'Hell on Earth', and it will not  be set on earth either.

Although no announcements as to where the movie will be shot, the setting of the movie will probably not be on earth, as Dr. Shaw in the previous movie even said that she does not want to come back, and is determined to locate the home of the engineers.

As of the now, the only information confirmed about the movie is its release date and the fact that the script has been completed.

Meanwhile, a source reportedly leaked that the movie will have three-part elements, but the character of David and Dr. Shaw is just one of those. The same report suggests that  the sequel will not be solely based on the events featuring David and Dr. Shaw.

2 new monsters are also set to appear in the film, and they are said to be related to the xenomorphs, although they are not entirely xenomorphs. Information was also reportedly leaked saying that Prometheus fans might witness more about an ancient god and hierarchy of creation.

"If we are expecting an evolution and more depth to the Ancient Aliens connection, this won't be the case but we could see a slight connection as far as some Ancient God connections. As far as Hierarchy and Order of creation," the leak information stated. Although it is also important to note that the leaked information have not been confirmed by  Ridley Scott or anybody from the film's crew (or at least not yet).

Prometheus 2 is written by Michael Green and to be produced by Walter Hill and Ridley Scott. It has been scheduled for release on March 04, 2016.

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