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Rhythm Violence Game 'Thumper' To Get Its PS4 Debut In 2016 As Announced By Developer Drool

Thumper (Credit: Drool) New rhythm violence music game "Thumper" will be having its PS4 debut in 2016, according to developer, Drool
June 9
4:38 AM 2015

For quite a long while now, Drool has been building what could be a phenomenal game to join the ranks of many music gamers' favorites. On June 8, 2015, Drool released an announcement that "Thumper" is set to be released this coming 2016. The game will be making its PS4 debut by then as well. Meanwhile, teasers are everywhere to see, especially for those who highly anticipate the arrival of the exciting rhythm game.

Drool has recently announced that their rhythm violence game entitled "Thumper" will be definitely making its console debut on PS4. "Thumper" is being labeled as a "rhythm violence" game and rightfully so, but its founders make it a point to emphasize that there will be no actual blood or gore included in the game.

The violence that is being spoken of rather, will be coming from the intense beat and soundtrack featured in "Thumper", along with the game's mechanics and visuals. The music is diverse and varies from thunderous drumbeats to dark synth blasts to eerie cosmic drones. The developers used their custom engine as they handcrafted the gameplay and audio together. Every sound and visual effect is clear and intertwined for maximum effect.

According to Drool co-founder Marc Flury, "Thumper strips rhythm gaming down to its core." He added that "With one analog stick and one button, you control a space beetle as you hurtle through treacherous psychedelic worlds. By keeping the gameplay pure and simple, we combine classic rhythm-action with speed and satisfying physicality. The basic move set of thumping, sliding, and turning is easy to learn. But as you careen onward, you'll need to master new moves and survive adrenalizing boss encounters. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must go through rhythm hell. And nothing can prepare you for the ultimate confrontation with an insane giant head from the future: CRAKHED."

Drool is composed of a duo: Marc Flury, an ex-Harmonix programmer, and Brian Gibson, an artist at Harmonix. According to the two, who have had over ten years of experience with rhythm games, they want to bring something new to the music game genre. Brian is also a bassist and he is the one who creates the original soundtrack for "Thumper."

With over 5 years in the making, "Thumper" is set to debut on PS4 next year.

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