‘Prometheus 2’ Plot, Movie Update: Movie sequel set to be a prequel? A setting on Paradise confirmed?

By Staff Writer

May 14, 2015 07:02 AM EDT

The "Prometheus 2" movie is set for Paradise in the upcoming sequel of the Ridley Scott film. Despite of lack of reports and updates for the upcoming film rumors or a sequel "prequel" for the movie are also making rounds in the internet.

"Prometheus 2" will head to Paradise and not to Earth, according to "Prometheus 2" gallery and fan community Prometheus2-movie.com. The website is created to provide information and updates for the upcoming "Prometheus 2" and "Alien" movies.

In a recent post, the community denied reports about a possible setting in Earth for the upcoming "Prometheus 2" film. A line quoted from Shaw and Davis in the "Prometheus" movie denies the possibility of coming back to Earth. The supposedly leaked script of the "Prometheus 2" movie did not even offered the idea of a setting on Earth.

"I don't want to go back, I want to go to where they came from, I am still searching." This is what Shaw told Davis in a clip from the movie, making fans and die-hard supporters of the film believe that a world beyond planet Earth, Paradise, the origin of the Engineers, is what the second movie of the block-buster film will be all about.

It was also reported that Neil Bloomkamp and Ridley Scott discussed a few details about altering the script of the "Alien 5" movie to be able to create a congruent universe with the "Prometheus 2" movie. An "Alien 5" movie on Earth is not a likely film that will excite fans too, thus making a setting in Paradise a more intriguing angle to look forward to in the movie. Another interesting note is that there are a lot of interesting and cinema worthy plot to tackle for the movie rather than going back to planet Earth. David has his dreams of becoming God to continue to order of Hierarchy, the link between LV 223 and LV 426 is also something to look into for possible answers to the mysteries of the first "Prometheus" film. A number of possible plots worthy of a block-buster hit can be considered for the film, but not likely the plot on returning to Earth.

The fact remains that there are no official announcements for the upcoming film. But this will not stop fans from speculating and interpreting the first "Prometheus" movie to be able to move forward with a sequel. The only thing that could lead the "Prometheus 2" movie back to Earth is a prequel film. That again is another speculation for the upcoming movie. A setting on Paradise, the origin of the Engineers, still remains as the most viable prediction for the upcoming film.

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