GoPro Hero 5 Targets October 2015 Release; Killer Camera Specs Include Quadcopter?

By Staff Writer

Apr 30, 2015 10:31 AM EDT

If the GoPro Hero 5 release date this coming October as well revolutionary killer features such an 8K Resolution, 60mm under water capacity are all not enough to excite people, then perhaps the camera having a Quadcopter option would.

Yes, that's right. Reports are coming out that the camera manufacturer is eyeing an entry to the drone manufacturing industry since the GoPro  cameras were used by some in conjunction with Quadcopter machines previously.

If GoPro would do that, then they could easily include it as an accessory while increasing the overall package price. Think additional income.

With the HD cam GoPro Hero 4 being released only about six months ago, people are already waiting for its successor. Considered a commercial success, other manufacturers (like Xiaomi and Polaroid) are entering this side of the market. So hopes are high that the fifth incarnation will provide a new level of standard and experience to withstand any incoming new competitors.

A drone accessory is going to make it all the more exciting.

The Goro Hero 5 is already being monitored by fans because of its specs. The action camera is rumored to still have the same box design with a new battery door at the back with additional yet-unknown buttons and LED indicators on the front. It will also have a little more rounded corners and a design for additonal mic possibly for surround sound recording.

The GoPro Hero 5 is expected to have 4K resolution, some say 8K, 60 FPS rate, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI ports, and a 2800 mAh lithium battery. Word is it's also going to have a 30 - 60 feet while some say it's meters - we'll wait for confirmation on that underwater capacity.

With 4K resolution becoming a standard (even some high-end smartphones are vying for this), this will give the unit a good grap of the mid-range market. So having a Bluetooth 4.0 is logical if transferring high-res photos and videos are to be done here.

60 FPS is a jump from Hero 4's 30 FPS and this would be a justified expectation. HDMI ports are a no-brainer. The 2800 mAh battery is a 150% increase in its predecessor's capacity, and if all the other features are true then a powerful battery is needed for support.

The GoPro Hero 5 could be released by Q4 2015 and is estimated to go for about US$400 - $500. Of course, a flying drone would easily up that to a range of $500 - $1,000.

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