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OnePlus One Android Update: Tips and Tricks for Cyanogen OS 12 Update; Problems and Solutions Unveiled

April 28
7:39 AM 2015

OnePlus One users finally can get a taste of the up to date feats of the latest Android lollipop version. Cyanogen had finally released the Cyanogen OS 12 which is based on the latest Android Lollipop version. This update had added to the hand set the "OK OnePlus" voice command and had even added some important bug fixes.

With the changes brought about by the new Cyanogen OS update, many users would find it hard to adjust the settings of their OnePlus One. Here are some problems and solutions for the OnePlus One users who had installed the latest Cyanogen OS 12 update.

1.       Notification Lights not working properly. Some users might notice that the notification lights are not working. If this is the case, check if your phone was set to silent or priority mode. In this set-up, the notification lights are turned off.

2.       Launcher Drawer Lags. In this condition, the best way to solve the issue is to download a lighter and more customizable app called Lollipop Launcher from the Play Store.

3.       Screenshot is Difficult. To take a screen shot using your OnePlus One, press the power button  then the volume down button. This setting can be added to your Power Menu which can be found in your settings menu.

4.       Last Name First Contacts. Other OnePlus One users might find that their contacts had automatically. This can be changed through the setting although when the app is closed. So as a solution, to exit the app use the home button, that way the app doesn't close.

5.       Crashed Messaging. In order to fix this issue, download the new OTA which has a YNG1TAS17L built.

6.       Confusing Screen Pinning. To use the screen pinning app, just go to the settings and head to the security and turn on pinning. In order to use this app, just head to the Recent Menu and pin the app.

7.       Adaptive Brightness. Now this is not problem but rather an amazing feat. Your OnePlus One can now adjusts its brightness based on your environment automatically. If your surrounding is dark, the screen dims and brightens when the surrounding is bright.

Now this problem and solution may be applicable to some users. But still, it pays to know every single thing that there is to know. 

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