‘Iron Man 4’ Cast, Plot Updates: Robert Downey Jr. drops Iron Man role? Marvel favors Spider-Man over Iron Man franchise?

By Staff Writer

Apr 22, 2015 05:50 AM EDT

It seems like "Iron Man 4" is not pushing forward with its lead character, Robert Downey Jr., as the actor continues to remain mum about his involvement in the upcoming film. His interest seems to be elsewhere while Marvel is starting to turn its attention in building a strong and marketable franchise for its new comer, Spider-Man.

Robert Downey Jr. has already confirmed his involvement in several Marvel movies for the next 2-3 years but is keeping details about the "Iron Man 4" movie discreet from the press. Is he ready to give-up or pass on his character as Tony Stark? During earlier reports, the actor admittedly confirmed that his involvement in the "Civil Wars" movie was due to the significance of the "Iron Man" character in the script. Thus, it is safe to conclude that he would have dropped the role if his character was not that important for the "Civil War" plot. With a new baby at tow, the actor seems to be looking forward to spending more time with his family instead.

The 50-year old actor seems to ready to give the spotlight to a new superhero under Marvel's wing - Spider-Man. RDJ Is very much welcoming the idea of Spider-Man's addition to the Avengers team. Nonetheless, he is very thankful for being part of the fantasy world where the "Iron Man" exists. "This fantasy life that I get to have, making these movies, the nice thing is when some of the fantasy from the films turns into reality, a technological reality." RDJ shared.

Meanwhile, if ever an "Iron Man 4" movie is pushing forward by 2018 or not remains as an exciting mystery to ponder with for fans. Predicting possible plots for the upcoming movie is something that entertains them while waiting for an official announcement from the cast and production of the film. One of the recent rumors about the plot for the upcoming "Iron Man 4" is Pepper Potts' death in the story. What bigger reason would Tony Stark have to leave everything on Earth to go into outer space? Captain America's death and the death of the woman he loves. Of course, these events remain as speculations but interesting twist to the plot of the upcoming third sequel of the "Iron Man" franchise.

On the lighter side, fans of the red suit can still see their favorite Avenger in several Marvel films slated this year and the years to come. His epic battle with Captain America seems to be a start of several one on one battles with his fellow Avengers. Speculations of a Spider-Man and Iron Man face-off in Spider-Man's upcoming standalone film will most likely happen in the movies.

"Iron Man 4" is speculated to be released by 2018 but the cast and plot for the film remains to be confirmed by Marvel.

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