New 'Monsters, Inc." film to arrive soon? Cast rumors include Josh Gad, original 'Boo' actress

By Adam Bellotto

Apr 20, 2015 04:16 AM EDT

Monsters, Inc. doesn't seem like the most likely Pixar film to get another sequel. Both the original, Monsters, Inc. and the sequel, Monsters University, were quite the success- but for the most part, the story's been wrapped up for good. We know what happens to Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) at the end of the first Monsters, Inc. film. We know how they first met, became best friends, and how the story leads into the original, thanks to the prequel, Monsters University. Is there anything else you could even do?

Recent rumors, however, point out that the possibility of another Monsters, Inc. film isn't as far-off as one might think. Mary Gibbs, who voiced the little girl Boo in the original Monsters, Inc. film, has long since grown up (remember, the first Monsters, Inc. movie- and the only one to feature Boo) came out fourteen years ago). In Entertainment Tonight, she admits she can no longer talk like Boo, as her vocal chords aren't the same as they were when she was voicing Boo at three years old. Could Gibbs still come back to voice an adult Boo, however? It's certainly possible.

Fan love for Monsters, Inc. is still riding high. Recently, Moviefone reported on a new video featuring Monsters, Inc. that went viral- that mashed up the film with director Ridley Scott to create a horror-themed version of Monsters, Inc. Obviously, the Monsters, Inc. sequel wouldn't go that route, but fans still love the Pixar classic.

As well, InStyle discusses Billy Crystal's latest project, which is a series called The Comedians with Josh Gad. Monsters, Inc. is one of Crystal's biggest franchises in the last several years- and for all we know, he may want to bring along Gad (who himself is an animated star in Frozen) to voice a new monster or perhaps a new human as well.

What do you think? Would you want Pixar to push forward into Monsters, Inc. 3, or leave the first two films alone?

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