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9 Ways to Beat Stress: Which One Works For You? The Lowdown on the Silent Killer

April 8
10:15 AM 2015

Stress is a killer. Time and again, we hear that oft-repeated line. Stress signals can activate natural killer cells, so it's important to kick back and find ways to ease stress. Here are 9 stress busters:·        

  • Manage your time.  Planning and managing your time well can be a huge help in easing stress in your life.  By going through problem scenarios in your mind and preparing for them, you can change the circumstances. · 
  • Get enough shuteye.  Being constantly sleep deprived can affect a person's concentration and productivity. Lack of sleep also impairs body functioning.·        
  • Get moving.  Exercising can release feel-good hormones. Choose a body-revving activity you enjoy. It can be running, dancing, kettlebells, swimming, yoga, or some other  form of exercise. Make sure you don't have health issues before beginning an exercise regimen.·        
  • Eat well. Opt for healthy eats. Veer away from foods that are heavily promoted on television but are laden with additives. Go for all-natural & anti-inflammatory foods.·        
  • Relax. People have different ideas for relaxation. You can go to a spa, watch a movie, play soothing music while lounging at home, or chill out with friends who can make you laugh.. Avoid people who drain your energy.·        
  • Own a furbaby. Having a pet can bring out the loving instincts of a person and ease stress. A pooch or cat can offer unconditional love. ·        
  • Cultivate a positive mindset. Positive affirmations can help relieve stress.  Negative self-talk can discourage you from living life to the hilt, so alter the cues and negative vibrations you are exuding. Develop the abundance mentality.·        
  • Get intimate with your mate.  There are studies that show that women may manifest lesser stress response after engaging in  'positive physical contact.' Lots of men, on the other hand, tend to have greater sex drive when they're stressed out. ·        
  • Meditate. Meditating enables people to concentrate on the present, and set aside regrets over things that have transpired. It can unclutter the mind, and allow a person to reconnect with his authentic self. Be sure you have good posture and learn the deep breathing technique.

There are many ways to ease stress that has gone beyond the comfortable level. If you feel unwell or running on empty due to stress, disengage and turn to your support network.

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