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UFO Sightings 2015: Alien abduction to form advanced human race; Preparation for world domination?

April 6
6:46 AM 2015

When we were younger, we were made to believe that it is only Earth where creatures can survive. They made us believe that we are the only living creature in the universe. It seems that the concepts of alien are just science - fiction. However, as the years go by and as the technology improve, a lot of sightings have been reported and it's hard not to believe that aliens do exist.  

Read on for more details.

You can take this as an example. On March 17, it was reported that a cigar-shaped UFO was found over Lake Tahoe. The object was caught using a mobile phone. It could be anything, but believers may suggest that this is actually real. What do you think about the image from the link?  

Just so you know, even some popular and famous people believe that aliens are visiting our planet. One former NASA astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, shared that aliens exist but the US government is trying to conceal it. That's actually something that millions of people believe. Do you remember Area 51? They say that it's full of real aliens. Well, some of the US Presidents were open to the idea of extraterrestrial. We have Ronald Raegan who personally saw a UFO. We also have Jimmy Carter who said that alien or UFO matters should be taken seriously.  

There are also theories that suggest that aliens are not just mere observers. Sometimes, they want to reproduce. Hence, there are abductions and they will try to impregnate women. The offspring are called hybrid-humans. It is believed that the main objective is to create a more advanced race.

If aliens are creating smarter race than humans, is that great news? If that's the case, will the 'full' humans be treated as lower beings? Are they going to make us slaves?

What do you think? Do you believe in aliens? Do you think we are already living with human-hybrids? Is alien abduction a reality? Share us your thoughts on this. 

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