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Apocalypse, End of the World Happens Soon? Red Moon, Super typhoon and Earthquake this 2015 as Signs

Red Moon this Weekend (Credit: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images) Is the Red Moon sign of the end of the world?
April 2
12:07 PM 2015

The end of the world is really soon. How many times have we heard of this? How many times have we feared from such news? For years, people would be speculating the exact date of apocalypse, but so far, it didn't happen. However, with the recent events and calamites that the earth is experiencing, is it proper to say that we are reaching the end? The Red Moon, the super typhoon and the possible earthquakes are quite giveaways for believers.

This April 4, we are to see the red moon. Coincidentally, a super typhoon will hit some parts of Southeast Asia during those times. Even before, people would like to think that the moon's behavior might serve as a sign of what is about to happen. However, others are firm in saying that everything is mere coincident.

While some believe that Red Moon is a sign of bad luck, the experts say otherwise. To them, it is just another phenomenon. It explained the reasons why the moon occasionally turns red. It can be the position of the moon, or the particles in the air that may have caused the odd color. Another report states that the moon might really influence the earth's activities. Its gravitational pull may or may not result to typhoons or earthquakes.

The above might be scientific but others are not convinced. 

What's quite alarming is that the Red Moon and the typhoon will happen this Holy Week. It is quite fascinating and we can't help but somehow get scared. Why is this happening while Christ is dead? Have you thought about this?   

What do you think? Is the Red Moon a sign of apocalypse? Should we all be scared of the calamities which are believed to be interrelated with the moon's behavior? Or do you think there is a scientific explanation about this? Isn't it weird that these will happen on Holy Week? Let us know your thoughts.  

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