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UFO Sightings 2015: Is God an extraterrestrial creature? Proof that the almighty is an alien

April 1
10:38 AM 2015

Years ago, UFO believers are branded as weird and lunatics. But with all the sightings around the globe, it's hard not to believe that aliens do exist. Almost every single day, you would see updates about the latest videos and photos about these so-called sightings. Because of this, a lot of people are now believers that we are not the only living creature in the universe.

If you want to see one UFO sighting, you can see it from here. The recent video from Massachusetts will show you an oval object hovering on air. It might look like a plane, but if you observe it, it's quite different. You let us know if you think the footage is genuine or some hoax.

Speaking of UFO and aliens, there are also other claims that God is an alien. In fact, one source shared that God is possibly be more than one being. Yes, God may be different aliens, and that perhaps their DNA were used to create humans. They even shared some verses in the bible, as proofs, which you can check from the source provided. Could this be true? What do you think?

And there is more to that. Another source gave more detailed explanation on why we should consider God as an alien. For one, we always believe that the almighty one lives in the sky, or above us. Plus, the fact that Virgin Mary got pregnant may have been a result of artificial womb.

If that's the case, does that mean that there are two sides of alien life? There's good and there's bad. Does that mean that the New World Order is actually a war between the good aliens and the bad ones?

These questions will remain in our heads for a long time. Are UFOs and aliens real? Is God an alien? What do you think about this crazy but almost believable theory? 

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