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UFO Sightings 2015 Evidence: Recent alien footage; Connection with demonic rites, revealed

March 26
7:42 AM 2015

A lot of movies were inspired by UFOs and aliens and dubbed as sci-fi ones. Some people think that these things are just a product of one's imagination. However, there are a lot of people who think that aliens and UFOs are real. Which side are you in? Do you think we are not alone in the universe?

One of the most famous evidence about the existence of aliens is that of Dr. Boyd Bushman. Days before he died, he shared that Area 51 is really a place where you can study aliens. He even shared that there are friendly aliens that mean no harm to humans. There are skeptics who believe that Dr. Bushman was just making up the stories, and that his age might have deconstructed his memories of Area 51. Of course, others became instant believers.

There are hundreds of UFO sightings every single day. Most of them are ignored. However, there are few claims which made headlines because of its authenticity. One of these is a UFO sighting from Illinois where even the police saw the bright lights. You can saw the video from here.

And just few days ago, Dahboo777 of Youtube saw some white disks from NASA's live feed. Right after these bright lights came into the picture, NASA cut off the video. That was pretty much suspicious.

While some believe that aliens are just here to observe the human behavior, there are a lot of conspiracies stating that aliens are actually demons. Or if they are not the actual demons, they are working for Satan. That sounds absurd for some. But some say that the aliens watch over humans and they implant a chip for easier identification and tracking.

Indeed, the topic is getting out of this world. UFOs, aliens and satanic rituals combined together is just too much to be processed by a normal brain. We just hope that if ever aliens are real, they come here not to invade, but to help the civilization. 

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