UFO Sightings 2015: Are Aliens Finally Revealing Themselves to Humans?

March 13
7:16 AM 2015

While millions do not believe that UFOs or aliens exist, some celebrities are firm believers that we are not alone. They believe because they have seen one for themselves. If you want to know famous people who do not think we are crazy for believing in aliens, read the rest of the post for more information.

Recently, a report circulated online that Kacey Musgraves experienced UFO sightings. Yes, it wasn't just once! The first one was at her friend's wedding and claimed that she was sober when the incident happened. The other one was in Nashville. She must be pretty lucky for always seeing such,.

Billy Ray Cyrus claimed that he saw a UFO and tweeted about it. He shared that it was like more or less 6 discs hovering above the sky. Of course, many were skeptical about this. Knowing Billy Ray's history, we cannot blame them. Will Smith also had an experience about ETs. In fact, his son believed him so much that he had to ask the President of the United States. Of course, the president was smart to answer that he cannot confirm nor deny. You can find more UFO sightings of celebrities from here.

Meanwhile, a UFO in Britain which hovered 20 feet off the ground was also reported. Open Minds said that there was a star-like light from the sky. It was travelling faster than a regular plane. This happened last March 8, 2015.

We have actually made a report about Area 51 and the revelation that aliens are already working in our planet.

If this is indeed true, are they finally showing themselves to humans? Are they ready to mingle with civilians?

Every single day, people from different sides of the globe share their own experiences about UFO sightings. It's hard not to consider alien existence considering the number of people who are becoming believers. 

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