Arrow Season 1-3 on KickAss Torrents: Beware of Malware, Virus Alert

By Staff Writer

Mar 24, 2015 05:43 AM EDT

Despite losing its Somalian domain, KickAss Torrents is back online (and so far, is remaining so) offering its free file sharing services.

Right now, one of the most famous downloads available on the file sharing site which now has a .to domain, is the American series Arrow. The series focuses on the adventures of Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Arnell), a billionaire playboy who spends five years stranded on an island in the Pacific. Upon his return to civilization, his attitude changes and becomes a vigilante fighting as the hooded Green Arrow in Starling City.

After getting a positive response, various torrent files for seasons one to three of the series came up online, especially on KickAss Torrents. While there are reports that some of these contain malware (virus, spyware, etc.), so far the ones found here appear to be clear of such problems.

Of course, the popularity of both the series and the free sharing site is no good reason for piracy (which is effectively what this is). The only reason we're talking about it here is because of the allegations of malware spreading via these torrent.

This is a legitimate concern, since unlike a previous file sharing site like Demonoid, KickAss Torrents only has an optional registration and access to any file shared online is freely allowed. Even the creation of new torrent files for sharing is hardly moderated. However, this site still has a moderator which can "certify" a torrent file as a "good" one, hence being considered safe.

Still, this should not give a sense of security to would-be downloaders. It is still best to have software protection on your computer, and to scrutinize all the files found in the torrent. Also, one should be sure to read the comments if there are any, and should to his part by leaving a comment indicating whether the files are good or not.

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