Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Update: Delayed support frustrates families of MH370 and MH17 passengers

By Staff Writer

Mar 23, 2015 01:55 PM EDT

On March 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared from the radar and until now, only little information is given to the public.  Few months after, MH17 met its unfortunate end as well. As of the moment, what are the recent updates about both aircrafts?

One report shared that a vigil was conducted in Perth. This was to show solidarity for the missing passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Only few people came as there was confusion with regard to the location and time of the event. Some relatives of the missing passengers opted not to come because they still feel the pain of not knowing their loved ones whereabouts. Nevertheless, it was very meaningful.

And who can forget Malaysia Airlines MH17? It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur which was shot while on air, killing more than 280 passengers and crew members.

As of the moment, a source mentioned that Malaysia Airlines is not doing well with the victims' families. After a year of loss and agony, no evident support is coming from the airline.  The latest news is that the airline is reportedly asking for a lot of documents from the families before they provide compensation. This is especially from the families of MH17 passengers. It is understandable that what they are doing is just protocol. However, demanding so much from the families will not pacify them either.

What could be the reason for such delays? What is their excuse this time?

In 2014, there is no doubt that Malaysia Airlines faced a lot of challenges. It might not be their fault, but their delaying tactics in handling the families of the victims aren't putting them in good light. They need to step up and to improve their processes if they want their airlines to bring back its good reputation. 

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