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'No Man's Sky' Massive Details, New Images Release Unveiled at GDC 2015: Hello Games Draws Inspiration from NASA

March 9
6:07 AM 2015

Fresh exciting reveals have emerged on 'No Man's Sky' release date, features, and more when Hello Games' director, Grant Duncan, appeared at Game Developers' Conference 2015 last week. 

Duncan had the privilege to discuss hefty details first on March 2 where he talked about the procedural techology and how it creates the limitless worlds in 'No Man's Sky' game. Then March 5, assorted images from the game where showcased and revealed the method of processing the game's art.   

Duncan's attendance at the GDC 2015 to talk about 'No Man's Sky' release was confirmed in a blog post at the official Hello Games web site, "[Grant] will be showing some glimpses of the technology we've developed to produce procedural places, creatures and vegetation, and give you an idea of how he came to love letting a computer decide how his game should look (this was not easy), and how we all work together."

Grant Duncan's statements and interviews were covered by Polygon where he shared that creating the basics of 'No Man's Sky's' are adapted from actual reality in his desire that its universe is practically believable. 

It is said to be the biggest game in terms of scale that is so epic that Hello Games has drawn an inspiration from NASA on how to explore its universe. With quintillion planets that is too vast for man's brain to grasp, Hello Games has used space probes to fly around its virtual game world and record what is occuring in in each explored planet.  

Duncan explained,

"To populate this alternate reality, the artists created seeds: the essential parts of plants and animals and geographic locations. Trees have trunks and leaves. Animals have bone structures. Spaceships have cockpits. Buildings have doors, windows and roofs.

Then they threw those seeds into what Duncan calls a "big box of maths," where the British developer's algorithms create variations on those themes. Short trees with orange foliage. Spaceships with stubby cockpits. Alien creatures whose deer-like ancestry is graspable at a glance.

Feed No Man's Sky's big box of maths the same inputs - the art team's seeds - and it will produce the same outputs, whether on your system or a friend's. That's where its mighty universe comes from."

He continued as saying, "I think that the truth is, we're actually all control freaks. Artists are so used to having complete control of every single pixel. Especially now with digital artists. We can get Photoshop, we can zoom right in and obsess over something no one will ever care about."

No Man's Sky release date is a timed exclusive title for PS4 sytem expected to arrive later this year and will be launching in PC, too, after. 

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