'No Man's Sky' PS4, PC Release Date, Gameplay: Murray describes sci-fi adventure-packed game "child-like?"

By Staff Writer

Feb 27, 2015 03:23 AM EST

No Man's Sky gameplay was revealed to be childlike as mentioned by Hello Games' boss and lead programmer Sean Murray. He added some of the game's minor development difficulties in making a world size for gamers' exploration.

Sean Murray, Hello Games lead programmer and boss, revealed that the concept for No Man's Sky will a design of a child. He said, "Someone said to me that No Man's Sky has the game design of a child, and I think that's sort of true. The game developer somehow strived to make another unique game which players can enjoy in a different world of exploration, "to defy the norm of the industry," as described.

More of the gameplay will be about seeing the infinite universe where the players could explore and enjoy. During the entire gaming experience, players will notice an infinite view of the universe from Earth than what the average eye can see. According to one site source, they mentioned about Murray's claim to the universe that the game is set. He said, when the game was initially began to its development, the programmers had already envisioned a living universe with 2,000 to 10,000 individual solar systems. Thus, making the game one of the highly- anticipated in PS4 platform.

In addition, No Man's Sky will have two worlds with the power of 64 planets with their respective unique indentities. Murray said, "If you were to discover one every second, it would take 584 billion years to fully explore."

Meanwhile, Hello Games has resumed to its promotional efforts to ensure the 2015 release date contrasting to their previous announcements that they won't be joining any public events [as a sort of promoting the game itself]. Albeit no word from them about the official release date and even the gameplay information aside from their recent tweet about the scammed beta keys, gamers still patiently waiting as they remained hyped for the upcoming game.

No Man's Sky will be released in PS4 to launch later this year and PC platform yet to follow.

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