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Nexus 5 and Other Android 5.0 Battery Fixes and Common Problems

Android Lollipop (Credit: Android) Android 5.0 Lollipop is now available to all Nvidia Shield users
February 19
5:28 AM 2015

Users with top smartphone and tablet devices updated with Android 5.0 Lollipop might have got the hang of the firmware, yet for some problems do not make their time with their gadgets smooth sailing.

Some would have enjoyed Google's Material Design for apps but glitches like excessive battery drain could also be noticed in the update.

Here are some of the common bugs that needed to be resolved right at the tip of every user's fingers.

Excessive battery drain is the common smartphone issue as it is not only exclusive to Android devices. When battery starts acting up, here's good way to go.

1.     Restart Android device.

2.     If it doesn't work, disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, NFC, and GPS devices.

3.     If it doesn't work, boot device into Safe Mode. Press and hold Power button > Touch and hold Power Off box that appears > Click OK on Reboot to Safe Mode box. Device shall automatically start up.

4.     If it doesn't work, do a full back up and reset factory settings. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset section.

Points to remember first, there are areas with poor signal coverage and primarily runs down battery life. When there is no strong 4G or LTE signal, better turn on Airplane mode. Apps running in the background can also wear out battery life.

Bugs that unintentionally reboots in the background is another issue. Recent apps visited normally remain running in the background, but will affect other apps with constant notifications. In the long run, this will contribute to the device's poor performance if apps continue running.

The sole solution to this issue is to restart device. Google will iron out this issue soon.

There are also moments that system.img error misses. Some smartphones whose brand flashes on screen experience this after Android 5.0 installation. Missing system.img error will inform user during the update. However, this is not something big that user has to worry about. Best thing to do is to flash the img files manually and individually instead of using the flash-all.bat file.

For Wi-Fi connectivity, there is a good number of options to solve the matter.

1.     Toggle Airplane mode on and off.

2.     Forget and Reconnect to the network via Settings menu.

3.     Restart device.

4.     Reboot router.

5.     Switch between Wi-Fi frequency bands.

Permanent solution can be patched by Google.

For video playback bug, it does not confine to any specific app but Youtube concerns this most. If Youtube is the issue, here's a better way to follow.

1.     Go to Settings.

2.     Click App.

3.     Find the entry Youtube.

4.     Clear cache.

5.     Reboot device.

6.     If it does not work, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

7.     If it does not work, do a full back up and reset factory settings. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset section.

For over-the-air (OTA) update error message, flash the latest factory image for the device. If it does not solve the problem, user has to wait for Google to automatically fix it.

For flashlight bug, leaving it turned on for a moment and it shuts down unintentionally, both flashlight and camera have been busted. Google has not resolved this matter until now. Experts suggest to reboot the device to solve the problem.

For silent mode, status bar ticker and power button concerns, Android 5.0 Lollipop has made this a problem in its update. Device cannot volume down to silent mode as it will only activate vibration mode. Also, there no other options to long press Power button as it will automatically be turned off. For the time being, status bar ticker was killed off in the update.

For broken over-the-air (OTA) update on some devices, simply flash a stock image again and OTA will kick off again.

A smart addition to Lollipop is the recent apps card stack. This multitasking app has the tendency to slow down performance, while some removed card unintentionally returns in the stack. To solve this issue, reboot recent app list. If it does not work, user can keep swiping.

For Chrome mobile web browser, it is set by default to store recent tabs in history list. For users who do not want this, go to Chrome settings and disable "merge tabs and apps."

More solutions have been recorded by support pages of Android devices for complaints. Moreover, the best way to solve tech issues is to contact support group tech titans.

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