‘Fallout 4’ Release Update: Bethesda tweets European tour; Latest developments to be unveiled?

By Staff Writer

Feb 06, 2015 07:39 AM EST

Players of the post apocalyptic role playing game had been itching for confirmation on the development of "Fallout 4;" currently they would be waiting for some word about the upcoming game's progress after word about one of Bethesda's excutives going on a business trip in Europe.

Bethesda community manager Pete Hines tweeted that he was currently on a business trip in Europe, which caused some fans to speculate over the reason behind the undisclosed meeting. Apart from the European meetings, Bethesda would also be seen attending conventions in America in the coming months. These scheduled meetings made players to think or hope that among the agend would be the development of "Fallout 4."

While Bethesda officials would be making rounds across the globe and attending closed door meetings, many fans had been communing themselves and had made a list of the characters they would like to see in "Fallout 4." The fans absolutely loved the loner "Fawkes" who has super strenght and adaptable combat skills. "Desmond" also was loved by players for his earthgrounding existence in the game. Players also wanted "The Master" to return in the next game in the franchise especially when it opens several doors on how the storyline would flow. Also, fans would not forget "Vault Boy" who brought the comical vibes in the decrepit environment.

Meanwhile, some fans made a wishlist and it included a request for better apparel, better hand-to-hand combat and modern and bigger weapons, including weapons modifications. However, the request for a co-op multiplayer would be what many players would want to see in "Falout 4," particularly those who had already established their networks throughout the series and in the previous titles.

With a game that was initially released in 1997 and has a consistently growing fan based, it wouldn't be a wonder if avid fans had been anticipating for the development and ultimately the release of a game that grimly illustrated what could happen to human society if Earth was turned into a wasteland.

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