Top Movies and their Billion Sales of Merchandise: Walt Disney Films Prove their Undying Market Impact

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Oct 12, 2014 11:51 PM EDT

Merchandising is a form of marketing for the movie industry. Movie merchandise is also been a catalyst for trend and fab, hence proves its great impact in movie promotion. With toy merchandise, movie producers are hitting two markets, making money in both sides.

The Richest article explained this notion between the tandem of the toy industry and the movie industry, in the field of the promotional business. In the same article, the site also listed top movies of all time that sold most merchandise. They ranked each entry based from the recent gathered number of sales that the movie has accumulated throughout the years.

And in the list, the top producer company of these best-selling movies is no other than the Walt Disney Company. Disney filled up the whole list with its new franchised movie rights to its modern classic films. And topping the list is the Star Wars merchandise whose movie captivated audiences for 33 years now and has maintained its fan base for decades.

It just truly shows that Disney has a great impact to kids of all generation, being the primary source of best-selling toys and movie merchandise in the world.

1. Star Wars

The all-time number number one on this list, Star Wars franchise has accumulated a total of $12 billion in toy sales. Ever since 1977, "Star Wars" continues to be the leading popular franchise in the whole world. Recently, Disney bought the rights of Star Wars, a movie that will surely boom the $12 billion sales of this franchise.

2. Cars

With $10 billion of sales, "Cars" surpassed most of Disney’s beloved and classic movies in terms of its merchandise sales. This amount does not only includes toys, but also DVD sales and other assorted paraphernalia. With "Cars", the Walt Disney Company started to change their market brand for the evolving generation of Disney fans.

3. Frozen

(Photo : The Disney Store/Facebook) Following the hit of Walt Disney movie "Frozen," the demand for its related merchandise

"Frozen" is one of Disney’s highest-grossing animated movies of all time. Apparently, the popular appeal of "Frozen" had a great impact on the sales of its merchandise. Currently, the movie has accumulated $5.3 billion in merchandise sales. With its great popularity as the return of a classic Disney princess movie, "Frozen" caused a doll shortage last Christmas.

4. Transformers

Landing in the fourth spot is "Transformers" and its merchandise sales. From the first film by Michael bay to the most recent movie, "Transformers: Age of Extinction", the toy revenues of Transformers has gathered a total of $3 billion dollars. Sadly, the whooping this amount is still small for the marketing and advertising of the merchandise. But obviously, the "Transformers" line is still one of the most successful franchise for decades.

5. Toy Story

Another Walt Disney product in this list, "Toy Story" lands the fifth spot, with a total of $2.4 billion worth of merchandise sales. The movie merchandise let kids re-live the action of "Toy Story" with  toys from the film itself like Woody to Buzz Lightyear, and even well-loved toys such as Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, and Barrel of Monkeys.

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