"Assassin's Creed Pirates" Goes Free to Play, Newest Update Sends Players to the Arctic

By Adam Bellotto

Sep 06, 2014 09:06 AM EDT

"Assassin's Creed Pirates" was recently on sale for just ten cents in the app store. And at such a bafflingly low price, Ubisoft might as well just release it for free, right? Sure, there a big company, but they can probably afford to part with ten cents of profit per consumer- especially with all those in-app purchases that come in the game.

Well, that's exactly what Ubisoft's doing. According to Android Police, the game has dropped from ten cents to zero cents- from now on, "Assassin's Creed Pirates" is officially free-to-play.

Ubisoft is clearly committed to the game- they've been updating it regularly (updates have come in during both June and August), and the company just added a third new update: "Cold Blood," which will swap out the game's usual Caribbean pirate setting for something much colder.

Here's what Ubisoft said in a recent press release (courtesy of App Advice).

A new chapter appendix called "Cold Blood" has been opened to explore the Arctic Seas in the latest game's update. Sailing north from the warm and familiar Caribbean Sea to the frigid Arctic Sea, captains will be introduced to a legendary new crew member who will help procure resources and share their knowledge of the icy waters. To combat the cold waters of the Arctic, ship customization has been upgraded, giving players the option to overhaul their vessels to improve their abilities on the open sea.

There are probably those who are upset over "Assassin's Creed Pirates" going free-to-play (those words have a certain negative stigma in the gaming community), but putting it out for free means the game's about to reach a much wider audience.

But according to Alex Amancio, creative director for "Assassin's Creed Unity," those working on the franchise are devoted to keeping it fresh.

We've done this for a long time and we've gotten it down to a science," Amancio told Game Informer.

"Maybe the first one it was like, 'Oh, what do we do?' But now, it's just our daily business. We've been lucky, and I think it's mostly because of the people who are behind the product. The Assassin's Creed people, we're a huge family, and we love this brand so much that I think it's unimaginable for us to ever let this ball drop. We need to always make the best game that we can possibly make."

Check back soon for the latest "Assassin's Creed" News.

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