OurCrowd receives $25 million Series B funding

By Staff Reporter

Apr 28, 2014 12:22 PM EDT

Equity funding has been trending among startups recently and not just funding those who have been on Kickstarter. Today, Israeli startup OurCrowd has received Series B investment round which was seen to be the biggest for the company. The deal was valued $25 million. However, the investors for the funding round were not disclosed, reported TechCrunch.

On the other hand, previous investors of OurCrowd were identified as Geoff Levy, an executive from Investec Bank Australia. Chief executive officer Andy Heyer of Mistral Equity Partners along with other unnamed investors who like Levy and Heyer invested personally in the startup. However, Investec Bank or Mistral Equity Partners have invested as institutions in the funding.

Chief executive Jon Medved of OurCrowd said that the funds raised were to be used for company operations including local and global expansion. Medved said, “Our investors are individuals, not institutions and there were dozens of them in the $25M round. The only named investors so far are Andy Heyer and Geoff Levy.” The investors came from 26 different countries.

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