California big data startup BlueTalon bags $1.5M in seed funding for single-click data collaboration

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Feb 21, 2014 03:35 PM EST

BlueTalon big data startup out of California secures $1.5 million in a seed round from Data Collective, according to TechCrunch.

With the coming of the capital infusion, the company appointed a new CEO - Eric Tilenius, who formly served as an executive in residence at Scale Venture Partners.  He had founded a company back in 2005 as well that was servicing database security  AgeTak. 

The company was founded in July 2013 by Pratik Verma, PhD from Standford University and veteran data scientist. 

These days, like BlueTalon, there has been a surge of big data and data analytics startups. Pratik Verma explains: "There's been a lot of innovation around storing, retrieving and providing big data, but all of them are focused within enterprise within walls. What's missing is the ability to combine data that's inside the enterprise and outside residing at competitors, and anywhere else."

BlueTalon achieves this feat using its Saas model virtual database. This is a set of data that come from all contributing databases, but the catalog itself has no data. This setup helps the company maintain its virtual links with its back-end databases, at the same time keeping the process fast, the report explained.

CEO Eric Tilenius commented: "BlueTalon does for database data what Box or Dropbox do for documents."

Large businesses usually spend millions of dollars for the typical data ETL (extract, transform, load) process, which usually takes months to finish. According to BlueTalon, its virtual databases can cut the process to just a few weeks for a significantly lower cost, the report detailed.

BlueTalon's current registered paying clients include United Healthcare and Eli Lilly, TechCrunch reported.

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