German software giant SAP to open startup cafes in Palo Alto

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Feb 17, 2014 10:26 AM EST

In a bid to attract more startups, Walldorf, Germany-based sofware giant SAP planned to open a cafe in Palo Alto, California, where startups companies can hang out, collaborate, and connect to over 1,000 companies worldwide. The plan was confirmed by a SAP spokesperson, according to Business Insider.

In the past couple of years, SAP has been implementing different strategies to attract more startups to the company. The software maker is now funding startups, hosting forums to allow them to pitch their products to company bosses, and launching hacking competitions for its HANA database. This time, billionaire co-founder Hasso Plattner came up with a new concept inspired by Apple, the report explained.

In about three months, SAP will be opening a cafe that serves food, alcoholic drinks, coffee, and even offer standup comedy. The place will serve as a hangout space for startups, the report stated.

Plattner said: "We created it for these [startup] companies. They can come in. They can connect there. We'll have all the electronic connections to 1,250 companies in the world. They want to have contact to Beijing, they can. ... Startup companies can collaborate there. ... This is what we want to support."

SAP has already planned three of these cafes, and will be opening more if the plan takes off. After opening the eatery in Palo Alto, SAP will proceed to open the same establishments in Berlin and Shanghai. The three places will be linked to each other 24/7, Business Insider reported.

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