Private equity firm Infinity Group backs BotanoCap with $4.2M

By Nicel Jane Avellana

Dec 23, 2013 06:33 AM EST

China-based Infinity Group said it has supported BotanoCap with a $4.2 million investment. Infinity Group is a cross-border private equity platform that currently manages $300 million and RMB 2 billion. It owns more RMB funds than any other foreign private equity fund in China through the 100 companies in its portfolio and the 17 RMB joint venture funds all throughout China.

BotanoCap is a green solutions developer for agricultural, veterinary and household product industries. Established in 2005 by Be Gurion University professors, the company aims to replace the toxic chemical materials that are used in these industries. Using their novel technology, BotanoCap makes modified release products for applications like bio pesticides, natural disinfectants and insect repellent, among others, based on natural ingredients. 

In a statement, Infinity Group said a little under a quarter of the investment was done through a Chinese joint venture firm created under the Infinity-Harbin fund. The funding is intended to be used to finance the development of the business in China, Europe and the US. It will also be utilized for patent applications, regulatory affair expenses and maintenance. Some of the products that will be developed and registered range from field crop protection to seed treatment and soil treatment, BotanoCap CEO Yigal Gezundhait said in the statement.

Infinity Group Founding and Managing Partner Amir Gal-Or said, "BotanoCap is helping the world go green, from every aspect of daily life - the food we eat, what we spray on ourselves and our pets as well as our cosmetics and house hold cleaning supplies. It seems so simple and yet today, most of these products we use have been tainted with some chemical, potentially harmful in one way or another. BotanoCap's work will help change this by achieving the same ultimate deliverable but safely and naturally. It is a worldwide unmet need and we are happy to support initiatives that strive to make the world a cleaner, greener and safer place to live."

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