Windows 8.1 offers users small conveniences- report

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Oct 18, 2013 07:17 AM EDT

Microsoft has finally released Windows 8.1, the upgrade to its original Windows 8 operating system. Aside from restoring the Start button to the desktop mode and providing other major changes, the Windows 8.1 also provides small but very convenient alterations.

CBC News reported that the upgrade allowed apps to update in the background. This replaced the original version's reminding users to go to the Windows Store to do the updating themselves. Another minor change benefited smaller tablets. The home screen in the 8.1 now looked good on devices with screens that measured 7 to 8 inches diagonally. Finally, the upgrade allowed users to get lock screen access. Users would not need to log in to Skype when there is an incoming call. Even with the screen locked, users just needed to swipe down and they would be able to answer Skype calls.

However, a PC World report showed dismal sales numbers for the Windows 8 operating system. In May 2013, Windows posted license sales of Windows 8 at 100 million. This might seem huge compared to the 16 million licenses it had preinstalled when Windows 8 was released in October last year. However, the PC World report said 100 million was still only a fraction compared to the number of PCs sold. Since the launching of Windows 8, there were already 217 million PCs sold.

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