Smartwatch, the next revolutionary device

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Sep 08, 2013 01:44 AM EDT

The smartwatch had hit the consumer electronics market and would be the next revolutionary device. However, it would only be for companies that manage to pack the right technology into the product for consumers.

Last Wednesday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. unveiled its latest entrance to the consumer electronics market. This was after the company launched the Galaxy Gear in Berlin. However, a source familiar with the matter said the device would not be a game changer in the industry.

Aside from Samsung Electronics Co, Sony Corp and LG Electronics have also joined the smartwatch craze. Nike Inc and Garmin Ltd along with Pebble Technology had also been manufacturing smartwatches. Meanwhile, Motorola Solutions Inc. had discontinued manufacturing its smartwatch lone, MOTOACTV.

There are also several companies to watch out for their brand of smartwatches. This includes Baseband Technologies Inc. that proposed innovative communication algorithms to save energy in devices. Electrochemical Materials and Nexeon Ltd. also include the list of companies that are soon to venture in smartwach manufacturing.

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